Hello World

I tend to occasionally write very long emails to people about ideas I have in relation to software development.

And these people are always telling me, "Hey Steve, you should totally put that stuff on the internet. Especially now you are one of them Software Architect people" (apparently that is what I am but I really still have no idea what that actually is)

And I always took that as a great compliment, until the other day I heard the second part of that statement:

"So that we can BLACKLIST YOU".

Oh well.

Anyway this is my blog and even though I really do have no idea why I'm writing this stuff, from time to time I may even post content on it about software development, cooking, fishing or anything else I like to ramble on about. Any Posts should not be taken in chronological order because I often abandon ideas only to come back to them years later.

Stephen Byrne

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